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Located next to Tryon Road Carpark. 5 Minute walk from Lindfield Train Station.  Wheelchair access available. 



Preparing for your vaccination 

CONSENT FORM    16 Years and over                  

         Consent form 5-11 years                   


On the day of your vaccination

Please ensure you are free of any cold or flu type symptoms. 
Allow  15mins wait for observation following your vaccination.

After your vaccination

After your Pfizer Vaccine

Getting proof of your Covid 19 vaccination


    Managing Covid-19 at Home 

    The following is a list of current recommendations, please always refer to the NSW Department of health website for latest advice at "Testing Positive to Covid-19 and Managing Covid-19 safely at home" or speak to your doctor.  See steps 1 to 9 below. 

    1 Isolate- Following COVID-19 Test & Isolate National Protocols

     2. Notify your close contacts

    3. Treat symptoms as a cold

    4. Monitor your physical condition

    5. Follow public health advice

    6. Seek out appropriate advice from your health care teams

    7. Escalate you care provision as necessary

    8. Be aware of possible deterioration

    9. Be aware of long Covid. 


    Click on the following link for further details and information .....................

    You can also download an abbreviated reference SHEET ....HERE